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Hacked and Dominated - Matti MarsFeaturing: Matti MarsAdded 08/21/2023
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Jack's new neighbor Matti comes over to visit him... she's 5 foot 10 with LONG LEGS and BEAUTIFUL and he's very excited to have her as his neighbor... until he realizes that she hacked into his WIFI and used to access his bank accounts, picture cloud, social media, and everything else in his life. She tells him that her friends like to buy her a lot of presents and do a lot of nice things for her and the Jack is going to be one of her new friends (if he doesn't want to see his life ruined). She smirks as she makes him lick the bottom of her boots... he's a good obedient little bitch! Then she makes him worship her ass.. she sits on his face and uses him for her pleasure... HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, TIT WORSHIP, ARMPIT WORSHIP, AND MORE!!

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Big Ass Dominance - Jenna StarrFeaturing: Jenna StarrAdded 08/14/2023
Avg Rating Average Rating: 2.5 Average Rating: 2.5 Average Rating: 2.5 Average Rating: 2.5 Average Rating: 2.5
Jenna starts the video by telling you about all the emails she gets each day from losers who want to smell and worship her HUGE ASS. She tells you "I'm going to demonstrate on this piece of trash what I do with my slaves". She looks at her slave and tells him "CRAWL IN HERE YOU LITTLE BITCH!". She looks in the camera at you and says "KISS MY ASS" as her slave crawls behind her to worship her big, superior ass. She calls him a piece of shit and smiles as he obeys her commands. She tells him to kiss her asshole and he spreads her ass so you can see as he plants loving kisses on her beautiful hole. He worships her ass in multiple positions... then she sits on his face and jerks him off! THIS IS A REALLY HOT ASS WORSHIP CLIP... JENNA IS A VERY DOMINANT GODDESS WHO LOVES THE POWER HER ASS HAS OVER MEN!!

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Mean Mattress Store - Ashlyn Peaks 1Featuring: Ashlyn PeaksAdded 06/26/2023
Avg Rating Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5
Wimp customer fluffy goes into the Mean Mattress store and meets powerful Amazon Ashlyn Peaks. She's stronger than him, smarter than him, and twice his size... He is embarrassed when she tells him she he looks like a little boy and thinks he's there to shop for a mattress for his mommy and daddy. She's used to getting what she wants, so when fluffy tells her he doesn't want to buy the most expensive mattress in the store, she teaches him a lesson. He tells her that mattress doesn't look comfortable, so she throws him onto the bed and drops her GIANT ASS onto his face and asks "are you comfortable now, you little bitch??"... she tells him he is going to buy that mattress but she can't hear his response because he's completely squashed under her big ass! She makes him apologize for being a loser with a small cock and makes him worship her beautiful feet... she completely dominates him and makes him her little bitch! LOTS OF HOT BIG ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!

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Obedient Referee - Jenna StarrFeaturing: Jenna StarrAdded 05/01/2023
Avg Rating Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5 Average Rating: 5
Eriq comes home from his job as a football referee to find a BEAUTIFUL BIG BUTT GODDESS waiting for him in his bedroom. She tells him that she works for some men who gamble on football games and she will be needing him to make sure her teams win. He tells her he will not accept a bribe, but she laughs at him and tells him she has a much better way of getting him to do what she wants. She knows he is a submissive little bitch who loves being dominated and controlled by powerful women. And she also knows about his obsession with big butts. When he sees her 52 INCH ASS, he realizes that he has no choices... there is no way for him to say no to her... he is going to do EVERYTHING SHE SAYS AND MORE! HOT FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, AND MORE!

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